Deeplite is Mentioned Among the Biggest AI Trends in Forbes

Deeplite is highlighted in Forbes! 

Big thanks to Rob Toews from Highland Capital Partners for including us in his article on the Biggest Trends in AI. Deeplite is mentioned in the network compression section, among other promising startups focused on getting AI out of the lab, into real-life scenarios and enabling AI deployments at the edge.

Rob says, "Deeplite claims that its technology can make neural networks 100x smaller, 10x faster, and 20x more power efficient without sacrificing performance."

We say those are not empty words!

As NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, states, "Energy efficiency is the single most important thing when it comes to computing going forward".

We believe Deeplite will play a huge role in advancing this space for AI!

Follow the link to read the full article.

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