“In reality, most AI is actually quite dumb” – a Sneak Peak of Deeplite’s CyberNews Interview

Recently, Deeplite CEO Nick Romano sat down with CyberNews, a resource for cybersecurity news, tech analysis and product reviews, to discuss Deeplite, the AI industry and what he thinks is coming for the future of AI.


For the full interview, check out the article on the CyberNews website. Below we dive into a few of the main points of Nick’s discussion with the CyberNews team.


  • AI for all industries: Most industries would benefit from adopting some kind of AI-powered solution that fits the needs they were trying to fill. Since Deeplite is primarily focused on computer vision and perception tasks, security and surveillance, smart homes, industrial organizations are a good fit, as they have situations with embedded edge inference.
  • Misconceptions about AI: Even though AI has been around for a while, there are still some common misconceptions about it, especially related to what it can actually do today. Most AI is quite “dumb,” and must be trained to do specific tasks, but through thorough training, it can become very good at it.
  • Humans + AI: Overall, AI was designed to make human decisions easier, making some of the decision-making processes more reliable and predictable. But AI is not set to “take over the world” at any time...However, it will help people make more informed decisions.
  • What’s in store for Deeplite: Deeplite is continuing to innovate and move forward in its technology solutions and as a company. It is working with various industries and exploring what the technology can do on more hardware types and different use cases – so stay tuned for what’s next!


The full article can be accessed here. To get in touch with Deeplite about optimizing AI models for your organizations, contact us.

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